Hyperfund Global Blog:

HyperFund Global: Bitcoin and Mindset Training with Bitcoin Rodney

We’re gonna do some training, some

questions, some q&a, some eating,

some getting together and figuring

out how I can help these guys

get six and seven figure month incomes.

I’ve already passed six, seven

figure per year income so

now I mean you’re million dollars two

million dollars a month type income

so that’s the goal but we’re going to

start off with this note 3-400 dollars

here 500 and 1000 there. It goes up and up and up

and up and we’re glad you all coming


and we can dine in safety and make it

happen. Thank you Brenda. Thank you Eric

and that’s recipe guys thank you thank

you the cameraman right here

hey guys stay tuned about to get exciting

over here man wonderful team of

individuals about to crack the code people I’ve

already cracked the code

I’m going to crack the code and give

them the secret I’m looking forward to

it I’m looking forward to

seeing that be excited

i want you guys to do is during this

time of eating and drinking for those

who don’t know let’s make sure you ask me

the questions that you need to know in

order to make yourself more comfortable

in this and what are you doing right and then I’ll

answer the questions the best of my

ability which is probably pretty good

right and and don’t be upset about the answers

I give you sometimes I’m very very

you know blunt right you know I mean I’m

not here to play around here to get you

paid right.

I mean keep it real all the way

real you know so that’s how it works

everybody have a drink cheers

uh so when I first joined I was a little

scared myself I was a little

you know standing office because I’ve

been a lot of deals

that I put money in and it ran off or

the company closed after two or three

months and my team lost money you know so I try

to do my best to do diligence I can prior to

bringing the team on right so for about

a month or so all I put it was a thousand dollars so I

watched it a little while

saw it doing really really really good

and I said wow this is pretty cool

so I jumped in another 20 000 right

before they flew me

to hong kong right so I went to hong

kong. I met the owner right owner of the Ryan

Xu. He’s also the three percent owner of

finance which is the world’s largest uh crypto

exchange company

okay uh so I went out there and

I’ve seen the offices I’ve met the

owners family

and Ryan you and then I seen this people

who don’t don’t look like us earning

$11 million a month in sales

I said and I watched them relentlessly

not able to spell the word sleep

they don’t understand sleep they got

their grandmothers and their

great-grandmothers and everybody come to

their office they’re still drawing circles on the

board showing their all their families and

friends what they’re getting into

and they and they build teams so big so

fast, it’s unbelievable I mean so I mean I’m

in love with the culture

of how they do business

everybody who meets you know they say

the first thing they said their mouth

oh you must have gotten in when it first

got started that’d be like not even close

got in April 2017. I got in with like

900 a coin right and when i got in

I didn’t I had no money I just lost

all my money basically in the in the uh

e-commerce ebay amazon but they changed

their algorithms so I was doing like 80 to 90,000

down to 5 000 a month they changed your algorithms

I wasn’t willing to change request them

all right so I got in and long story

short bitcoin went from 900,000

coins when I got into it

to $20,000 point one year

and I had a lot of coins guess what i

didn’t buy into it

didn’t have any money so I i called my

feed my homies up coming from the hood

so yeah I got this thing I was in london

i called long distance from london

all the way back to united states told

this guys what I was doing right

it’s the one guy put in five thousand

that got put in ten thousand guys put

the fifteen thousand the very next day i

had to check the eight thousand dollars

bitcoin very next day I said you know what

that’s it you gotta tell me that’s it

whatever they selling here nothing I’m

gonna sell it too

i said I’m gonna sell it too you know

what I mean and

from that time at the end of the day we

made good money

but the company didn’t stay around long

but we did good

you know back then we were still

learning about crypto

finding out what questions to actually

put to get in

and bring our teams in yeah I gotta say

I’ve done well

not my teammate was done well but there

was something got in on the very late


did not do well but that you know but i

can’t I can’t predict anything I can’t

guarantee anything to anybody there’s no

guarantees or anything however

i guarantee you this right right here if

you do not get in right now and ride the

wave while the wave is ridable you’ll be

pissed off later

i mean it’s good these have a taste of

it you know then you know what you’re

doing so you can

and next wave is available you can jump

on that way

and still keep things going you know so

I’m sure you guys don’t make render


another deal somewhere right now that

way may not be going as well now the

best the better wave is here

and we’re gonna ride this way so the

thing is what I did versus that I got

a hold of my closest people who are they

who are hungry

i don’t look for those so I gotta

convince I want those who are hungry

you know and those who are hungry those

are the guys you want on the team and

they’ll find some other guys

who are hungry because right now people

are getting sick

and tired and tired and sick all right

and guess what most of us here are over

21. i just tried 22.

you know we’re getting older and it’s

going to be harder and harder for you to

get money

as you get older yeah you know what i

mean so you got to figure out a way

right now to figure out what is the

simplest way to success and take to take a


to lunch and figure out

what’s going on you know I’m thinking

this time and next time you know by the

way whoever’s not getting in and getting

baby the question is the big question is do i

have to recruit somebody in order to be

successful in any of these minutes that

we do this is all a passive deal meaning this

is the income that you’re going to earn

regardless if you bring anybody in or

not. However you can do well by yourself you

just make a fortune

with like-minded people with you for

those who want to share

some of the same things you’re sharing

it but the guy who brought me in

i talked to him in seven months but I’m

so sufficient

you know what you show it to me I’ll

figure it out I’ll figure it out from

there you just showed me the door i

opened it

right so I’ve been in and doing it and

making my own thing

now the company’s flying me around the

world they sending me to hong kong

paying for my flights

and most of you guys see me like flying

all the time all over the world

believe me I ain’t paid my own life and

you want to be able to

change lives I get calls every other day

of somebody’s mother or somebody’s

father calling me crying because i

change their life

for one reason or another you know

whether it be my coaching whether it be

my training where they because they’re

making money

in this system now they quit their job

you know that jlb just to go broke

because now they are earning a passive


it’s way above and beyond that job

not only that now they were forced the


forced people to say you know what that

thing right he got I never mind check

that out now

because there’s no money coming in

that job that job wasn’t so reliable was


cut off completely so now people are

coming to me and say look

that thing you did crypto so how does

that work around me I wanted to get in i

said get in whatever you feel

comfortable with whatever you want to

gamble with that I have no guarantees


it it so far has a good track record now

let’s get let’s get this off the table

scam word scam let’s

crypto is not a scam period not at all

some of the companies people joined that

that had

crypto as their product that was the


or maybe they didn’t do it properly

right or maybe they didn’t have all the


or they didn’t have what it took to be

this or that and they were spilled

but crypto still works you see you’ve

ever delivered a cash app

you see some people talk about bloomberg

on on the news

right now I mean it’s even being traded

right now on the markets

but then you know that they did this

they told you

that it was illegal scam while they kept

buying it

but they were buying it up and they were

telling you the news there’s a scam

and you getting poor and they’re getting

richer well I can see that’s

not whatever done people do I’m gonna do

it too whether you like it or not

I’m gonna tell everybody you know once i

get my hands on some that you know what

i mean what else I’ve been doing

don’t expect everyone to join you most

people will tell you you’re crazy

people say it don’t work or I already

lost money because they didn’t know what

the hell they were doing

so let me get that part off the table

crypto or bitcoin

is not something you just buy and hold

if you have a lot of money and this is a

small investment for you then that’s


but you put it to work for you you make

it work for you while you’re holding it

because if you’re just holding it and it

drops you’re gonna be shot lucky you’re

gonna be scared oh isn’t it a scam

because it dropped

but if it’s working for you every day

like we’re having we have but it’s

paying us

15 to 30 percent a month something

that’s not very very reasonable

whether it goes up or down we’re still

getting paid we’re not worried about

going in and out of trades we’re not

worried about work watching this

candlestick all day long

it’s passive our biggest thing is

sharing with our loved ones and those


want something bigger better for

themselves that’s our main job

we got big money we’ll put a half a

million dollars in and then watch it

grow on his own without bringing nobody

in you can do that too as well

how many how many people roughly

like how many people have you helped

a million

how many that made in you know

um and it’s and guess what I made a lot

of money but I also I’ve lost a lot

if you knew how much I have lost you’d

be glad to see me make it

you’d be happy you see me you know

you know I’ve been I’ve been homeless

I’ve been on the metro

center at the bus stop hanging in the

agile club because I had nowhere to go

no one knew that but hey I had to live

you know I mean one day I said

excuse my friends right

i was like man okay this is you know i

god didn’t make no jump

god didn’t make no jump you know and i

come from a very very wealthy family

a man strong hustlers and then if

they see me like that they’d be like

they’d be ashamed

so I had to get off my behind and no

matter what excuse to

think they could give you I had to

it I had to live I mean what excuse me

people today live by excuse me that

excuse they have in their mind and why

they don’t have it

why they ain’t doing it why they’re

making a phone call that’s the excuse

you gotta live with

somebody else and that excuse I’m

getting around that

that let it be you or not you that’s it

you swim I told her that you swim

or you sink that’s it


up guys it’s your boy bitcoin rodney

coming to you guys straight from the

national harbor washington dc

we’re excited to tell you guys about a


group of individuals I just had lunch

with and we talked about

mindset marketing building crypto

bitcoin from A to Z| and now I’m going to


what they got to say about today’s event

and how they feel about what they heard

how the mail was and where to see

themselves in the next three

to five months not years great first

eric my man man dj eric whitehead

very good so um today we had a beautiful


we had a great compensation great


um tell anybody what you thought about

what you heard today and how you see

yourself in the next three to five

months uh

working with me personally yeah you know


gonna make this long story short I’ve

been knowing Rodney for

30 plus years um when I met him

um he wasn’t doing as well as he’s doing

now we’ll just use that term

don’t tell everybody and uh so I kind of


I’m kind of following his progress and

and he didn’t actually have to come to

get me I came I sought him out

and decided that I wanted to be a member

of his team um I already knew I wanted

to be a member of his team before

i met with him I just needed him to fill

in a couple of holes for me so I brought

a couple of people with me today

I’ve got some more people that I want to

introduce them to Rodney face-to-face

because the information is free it’s

it’s gonna make us some money

because cryptocurrency is not going

anywhere no matter how you look at it

it’s not going anywhere

and I want to be a part of it I’m sorry

i didn’t come in in 2017 when he first

started because I got a text I think he

hit me

but I didn’t pay attention but I’m here

now and that’s what’s important

great information thank you all right

how you feel about the meal I don’t know

it’s gracious man can’t go wrong with


we’re going to talk to the two people

that you brought with you today uh

uh come on over here

so these are the two guys who brought us

he brought two

great prospects with them yeah you know

i don’t know because of the free lunch

or the opportunity but then they’re here

you know so you being uh

you was hungry okay okay so how did you

feel about today with you heard

you guys got a good I did ask a lot of

questions and

got answers um I’m looking for an

opportunity to grow

financially and uh Rodney gave me uh

some good answers

uh from the start so uh eric brought me

in I’m grateful they did

i took off from work today I hope my

supervisor’s not watching this so

so you’ll be good that’s from looking

forward to making some serious money uh

with the crypto

okay thank you and this is donald I’ve

been knowing donald for years and years


donald actually reached out to me i

posted a picture of Rodney and I a

couple of weeks ago here at the harbor

by the car

so donald reached out to me and lo and

behold donald had known Rodney for

years as well

20 plus years as well so how did he get

that car let me find out

that’s why I’m here to try to get a

piece of the pie

every time I talk to ron he does

positive stuff so I want to be a part of

the plan

that’s right cool cool thank you for

coming guys did you did you enjoy the

meal you’re saying thank you

sir how are you so much I couldn’t say

everything I want to say

all right so um next I want uh you guys

to meet a

lovely lovely lady from the homeland the

motherland of

Africa or Cameroon Africa right and uh

she she sought me out as well and she

was serious from the get-go here’s the

bunny let’s get started

and I got 30 people waiting for you to

talk to him we got all aside to zoom it

was about 100.

you know she was ready to hustle so me

Brenda Chunga tell us about today how you felt

about the information

so far your progress so far and how your

team is growing

and how the meal was all right well

thank you Rodney it’s a pleasure

um I did reach out to Rodney online on

facebook and again it’s the branding his

name I said well

since I am in the crypto arena this man


bitcoin in his name so I’m sure he knows

something about bitcoin

so I reached out to him and Rodney was

so gracious to return

my instant messenger he did

and said les you know what shared with

me the opportunity

first he asked what is it that you want

what can I help you with I said I want

to join the millionaire club

and I’ve looked at the club it’s mostly

men I don’t see any women in the club

so the goal is seven figures a month is

the goal

and we sat down today to have um lunch

the lunch was incredible

and one thing that I learned again today

is that Rodney made three million

dollars by

accident and that was a funny story

and to make three million dollars by

accident I want to be

around and surround myself with someone

like that and I brought some people out


my great friends

motherland as um and the cayman island

so go ahead jill and share your

experience today all right hi

I’m Jillian Lola now thank you so much

Brenda and Rodney for bringing me out

today today was amazing we had a great


awesome story very humble individual and

we’re just excited to take you know

this crypto money to the next level and

people need to wake up

and don’t sleep so we’re getting ready

for 2021.

I have another my great

business partner right here. Winston

Thomas and he’s from Jamaica

and I’ll let him share his experience


yeah well thank you Rodney this is this

has been a tremendous experience

i actually live right here at the harbor

and I would always see your car every

once in a while driving by and I’m like

you know what we’re in

in the bitcoin space but he’s got to be

doing something real


so when Brenda said that she connected

with you I was so happy

you know because it was just all

confirmation right right but mostly what

what really stuck was this like the

person that you are

you know very helpful very willing to

share your knowledge

you don’t find that a lot when people

reach certain levels I’m a business

broker and I work a lot with people with


and the the arrogance stops a lot of

deals right

but today was was like a family the food

was amazing

and I’m looking forward to networking

and working with with this wonderful

group of people

very exciting and my other partner that

i have here is

um jeremiah and we’ve known each other

for years he’s in the i.t

field so that little plug for him so his

it needs is jeremiah but

I’ll let you inside shameless hold on

he got this ugly thing on his face

being around all these sharp tools

today uh just getting to know more about


how to get the money like we all are

here for

and I appreciate everybody the food was

good the people

the interaction was great and i

appreciate it all right so that question

for you

so uh you got a chance to really sit

down and

actually dig in my head a little bit

about you know the mindset

and uh marketing and you know how things

really really work from a person who’s

already gone through this

so did I did I give you the proper

information the information you really

needed to hear

how was that kind of information how did

you how to feel the information was


uh it hit right right

right right in the head right you know

it wasn’t like oh

it’s a mystery right this is what you do

this is how we got to get it

right we have to go forward and not be

afraid uh

scared we don’t want nobody eating our

lunch no no no no no no

no no no big big take a little bit

that’s right big bank take little bank


we got to be the banker oh yeah so let’s

get it all right so we got another

person you want to bring to the table

thanks a lot for today bro

lola oh boy hey lola’s excited she’s

always full of excitement

lola’s been with me for a long time you

know she’s

she’s been my my right hand side and

left hand side you know what I mean she

gives me information picks me up when

I’m down you don’t even know sometimes i

get down sometimes that’s right but uh

lola is there she just got in

today but she’s been on the phone with

me every single day

you know so how do you feel about what

you heard today and uh you get to eat

on a diet or something I’m fasting but i

didn’t get to eat but I did get it

because I got

fed information from Rodney so I ate


i was nourished today very very much

I’ve been looking at him doing this for

the past year today I finally decided to

raise my hand and jump into the pond so

I’m super excited

I’m down with this crew I follow him

with everything he does because

everything this brother touches turns to


and I want the gold to follow on me too

so I jumped in this today

i had a great lunch because I got fed

information and I appreciate you brother

love you too love you too hey guys um

what you want to do the guys who are

actually watching this video

later on or on youtube or instagram or


find the people you saw actually on this

actual video

sought them out took them out get with

them you get with them and getting with

me. So this video is not for me it’s

actually for them and

we’re building big you better get on get

with us right now could be going fast

and moving real fast I mean

super fast I mean Lamborghini fast

all right guys it’s been a good video

see you guys on the next video

peace be quiet riding signing out you.

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